Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe



Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe - German title
I gringos non perdonna - Italienischer  Titel
Les aigles noirs de Santa Fe - Französischer Titel
Comanche Aguila Negra - Spanischer Titel

OS ÁGUIAS NEGRAS DE SANTA FÉ - Portugiesischer Titel
Gringos Do Not Forgive - Englischer Titel
Black Eagle of Santa Fe - Englischer Titel


Der Film "Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe" gibt es auf DVD

Produktionsfirma: Metheus Film (Rom), Societé Nouvelle de Cinématographie (S.N.C.) (Paris), Rapid-Film GmbH (München), Constantin Film GmbH (München)
Produzent: Wolf C. Hartwig
Länge: 2479 m, 91 min
Format: 35mm
Bild/Ton: Eastmancolor, Ton
Aufführung: Uraufführung: 12.03.1965

A 1965 Deutschland-German, Italian, French co-production [Rapid Film/Constantin Film (Munich), Metheus Film (Rome), Societe' Nouvelle de Cinema (Paris)]
Producer: Gunther Raguse
Director: Ernest Goodman (Ernst Hofbauer)
Story: Jack Lewis, Valeria Bonamano
Screenplay: Jack Lewis, Valeria Bonamano
Photography: Hans Jura (Eastmancolor, Ultrascope)
Music: Gert Wilden

Story: A rancher's workers disguised as soldiers murder Indians in order to stir up trouble with the whites so he can claim their land.

Cliff/Clint McPhearson - Brad Harris
Blade Carpenter - Horst Frank
Captain Jackson - Joachim Hansen
gentleman - Pinkas Braun
Morton - Werner Peters
Cora Morton - Helga Sommerfield
Alice - Edith Hancke
Buddy - Josef Egger
Lana Miller - Olly Schoberova (Olga Schoberova)
Slim James - Thomas Moore (Ennio Girolami)
Blacky James - Serge Marquand
Chief Black Eagle - Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Pasqual - Jakie Bezard (Jacques Bezard)
sergeant - Angel Ortiz (Ricardo Ortiz)
with; Annie Giss, Lorenzo Robledo

Ronny singt "Kenn ein Land"

Der Film "Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe" gibt es auf DVD

CD available on Dolce Vita Records #SK1174

"I just watched this movie. It's a rousing tale of cynical, racist white villains inciting the peacable Comanches (led by Black Eagle, played by Tony Kendall) to go on the rampage. The fiend behind it all is a powerful rancher who stands to make a fortune from the oil rights in the vicinity, so long as he can foil the government's plan to lure settlers to the region. The action is plentiful and well-staged, the scenery attractive. Brad Harris plays the hero with typically stolid, square-jawed determination, but there's a nice role for Horst Frank, who, amazingly, plays a good guy for a change. There are echoes of John Ford's Cavalry Westerns, in that the settlers seek refuge in a fort until Harris can convince Black Eagle that he has been misled.
All in all, a good, professional job, sticking fairly rigidly to the American format but with the pro-Indian stance so


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